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The weather here is still warm and sunny. It’s been great all week. Here’s a shot of the sunset from our back garden with one of our new chairs.


One of the lochs in the Scottish highlands. Unfortunately, we came across this on our drive and I have no idea what loch it is.

Today was a special day for me and Pete and it ended with a boat ride on Loch Ness. Beautiful.

Pete and I drove to Caerlaverock Castle today. I loved the fact that it had a water moat around it. It was beautiful as was the entire area.

Tonight we went out for a drive around some of the villages north of Gretna and we came across an old burnt down church called Hoddom Church near Ecclefechan. Ecclefechan is an awesome name and I almost want to move there just so I could say, “I live in Ecclefechan, Scotland,” all the time.

It was so nice out today! We went and bought some reclining deck chairs and a cast iron fire pit/bbq so we built a fire.

Today is Pete’s 28th birthday!

Not a great photo as I just snapped a quick shot before I lit the candles.

The farmer put his dairy cows out in the field beside our garden. They’re quite friendly! And for some reason when the cats meow they come running!

Today I made some pumpkin ice cream! I bought some really nice vanilla ice cream and mixed in a few spoonfuls of pumpkin pie mix. It was nice!

Pete bought me this drink today. It was good!