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pretty pretty ring.


Saw this little guy on the door window. It’s quite warm today and there are quite a few bugs about. I’m starting to worry about what it may be like out here in the middle of summer!

Some flowers growing in my garden. I love the colour.

Carlisle Castle taken from Castle Way while stuck in traffic.

My new phone sock for my new phone. I love sheep! Yes, I know I’m a geek. I don’t care.

My new Nokia 6500 slide. Love it!

From some flowers Pete bought me because he loves me!

Not my desk but the desk I’ve been sitting at while someone else is on holiday. Messy, messy.

Keaira. She has her own blanket she lays on beside me on the couch. If I get to close to her then she randomly attacks me and scratches me. I have no idea why she continues to lay beside me.

My eye. Exciting.