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Tonight we went out for a drive around some of the villages north of Gretna and we came across an old burnt down church called Hoddom Church near Ecclefechan. Ecclefechan is an awesome name and I almost want to move there just so I could say, “I live in Ecclefechan, Scotland,” all the time.



  1. Good picture – interesting facts! Thanks for the info…


  2. How cool is that. I took a photograph of the same scene just last week. Many of the photographs are now in my online portfolio at
    Nature has well & trully taken over this old church damaged by fire in the 80’s wasn’t it.
    Nice photograph.

  3. Guess you didn’t like my last comment, no problem. Thought you might like a look at my shot of the same so here’s the link. You can delete the comment too. Just thought you’d like a look.

  4. oops there’s a moderator, that explains things.

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